What Makes Dave Different?

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Everyone has seen the ads on late-night television promising easy ways out of money problems. It could be a debt consolidation company, a bank pitching a refinance, or some con artist talking about the “secrets of the rich.” All these people want is to sell you something. As long as you buy, they’ll tell you what you want to hear.

Dave Ramsey is different.


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Dave tells you the truth.

Dave tells you what you don’t want to hear, for your own good. He tells you that you are the answer for changing your life and your money habits, not the government or anyone else. Dave’s advice involves making a budget, living on less than you make, and saving money. If getting out of debt means working an extra job, selling what you can’t afford, or cutting your lifestyle, then so be it. Dave will help you, but he won’t do any work for you.

Dave speaks from experience.

Dave is open with his story about his bankruptcy and how debt almost ruined his marriage and life. He speaks about the dangers of debt from experience. He’s seen the bottom of the financial world and doesn’t want anyone else to be there. No punches are pulled when he tells you about how bad debt collectors can be, or why an adjustable rate mortgage is a bad idea, or how much that car payment is costing you.

Dave’s plan takes time.

Other people try to convince you that there is an easy way out with their get-rich-quick mentality. The process is not easy … but it is worth it. Dave will teach you not only how to get through it, but make it so you never go back. It works every time, unlike a plan that promises to be quick and easy.

Not only does Dave not like get-rich-quick schemes, he warns against them. When you work long and hard to become wealthy, it changes you. Hard work produces the character you need to be wise with the wealth you’ve created. Someone who comes into money quickly will usually watch it leave that way because they spend it all without control or thought.

Dave’s advice is free.

Dave’s plan works. What’s even better; it’s free. Just listen to the radio (Debt-Free Friday calls are our personal favorite). Or click around the website and read the personal testimonies of families who have changed their lives. Or read his newspaper column or thousands of archived calls from the radio show. It doesn’t just change how you behave with money. It changes you in all areas of your life.

Get started now with Dave’s seven proven Baby Steps that have helped thousands of other people around the country just like you!

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