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What's Next for The Dave Ramsey Show?

Have you heard the news? For the first time ever, you can watch The Dave Ramsey Show live every day online or through the brand-new iPhone/iPad app! You can even watch highlight clips 24/7. Watch the show whenever you want, wherever you want. And best of all, it’s 100% free!

You’ve been listening to Dave help real callers as they share stories about their lives, families and money on the radio for years. Now you can watch Dave and his team around the studio while it happens. This is the biggest change to the show, well, ever!

• To download the app and view the show on your iPhone or iPad, go to the iTunes App Store.

• To view the show on your computer, or another mobile device (such as an Android or Windows Phone), go to

The Dave Ramsey Show


We realize that with an entirely new experience to watch the show, there are likely a few questions about how it all works.

1.  Is the video show live every day, and can I watch it on-demand?

The show is live from 1–4 p.m. CDT, Monday through Friday. After the live show ends at 4 p.m., the three-hour show immediately begins looping. It will loop and reset every three hours until 1 p.m. on the next show day. Join in on the video stream whenever you want!

2.  Is this just like the old show on FOX Business? What’s different?

A lot has changed! Instead of only focusing on Dave for 30 minutes of the show, we will highlight everything that’s going on in the studio during the entire three hours.

You’ll see Dave out in the lobby between breaks visiting with fans, or Martha in her kitchen baking some delicious treats. We’ll even have video of people making their debt-free screams live in the lobby!

During the radio commercial breaks, we will be showing you new, exclusive content that our team has made especially for the video channel. You’re going to love it!

3.  How do I watch the show on my iPhone or iPad?

Simply, download the app from the iTunes App Store on your device. Here is a direct link to the app, or you can search “Dave Ramsey Show” in the search field of the App Store.

4.  My smartphone or tablet doesn’t run iOS. Am I out of luck?.

Not at all! We have developed a completely mobile-friendly experience for the video channel that runs on all major smart phones (including Android). Simply go to on your mobile device and begin watching immediately.

5.  Can I still listen to the show (without watching) on my iPhone or iPad?

Yes! Simply click the “Listen to the Show” button in the app’s navigation menu. Also, when you exit the app while in the audio mode, it will continue to play in the background while you use other apps.

6.  Can I use AirPlay to watch the show on my Apple TV?

Absolutely. Both the iPhone and iPad app can AirPlay the show directly to your Apple TV. Watch the show on the big screen!

7.  Can I watch the show on my mobile device using cellular data or Wi-Fi?

The show will stream video on both a cellular data connection (through the app or website) and Wi-Fi. Depending on the speed of your cellular connection, the video quality may be lower, compared to Wi-Fi. Of course, if your data connection has a monthly limit, make sure to keep an eye on your data usage. Video is more demanding for data and could lead to an overage if you’re not careful.

8.  How much does this cost?

Great question . . . nothing! It’s 100% Free.

9.  I had the old, subscription-based Dave Ramsey iPhone app connected to What happened to that?

The previous version of the iPhone app has been discontinued. If you have already paid the annual membership fee, your subscription will continue to function 100% until the membership period ends.

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