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Getting out of Debt

From Divorce to FPU: How This Couple Saved Their Marriage and Their Money

1 Minute Read

Stephen and Tricia’s story almost had a much different ending.

Tired, angry and lost—they were separated and quickly headed for divorce.

"Sometimes in marriage and in money, you try to solve the symptom, and what we found is you have to look deeper than that," Stephen said. "Our priorities were not in order."

After taking steps to save their marriage, Stephen and Tricia got plugged into a local church. When they saw a Financial Peace University class being offered, they knew it was the missing piece to their reconciliation.

"We were looking to change our family tree and put our family back together," Stephen said. "Financial Peace [University] let us manage and move toward a new destination for our family."

Watch their incredible story of how they rebuilt their marriage and paid down $246,000 of debt—including the house!

"God truly took us from a point of despair to hope," said Tricia.

Ready for more inspiring stories like Stephen and Tricia’s? Keep watching The Dave Ramsey Show!

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The FASTEST Way to Get Out of Debt

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