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Getting out of Debt

Would You Postpone Christmas to Get Out of Debt? Jeff & Anita Did!

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For Jeff and Anita, the descent into debt happened slowly.

The student loans crept in, they financed new cars and furniture—all with the intention of paying it off quickly. But when the bills showed up, Jeff and Anita realized they couldn’t pay them in full. And their debt continued to grow.

They found themselves juggling the needs of three children under a never-ending pile of expenses. Between credit cards, medical bills, and loans, their debt reached $62,000.

“We didn’t have a plan,” Jeff said. “We paid the bills when they came in and that was it.”

Anita knew something had to change. She read The Total Money Makeover and began listening to The Dave Ramsey Show for motivation.

“I started hearing all the people do their debt-free screams and it would almost make me tear up with how ecstatic they were and how emotional it was to be doing that,” Anita said.

Their debt may have been looming, but they had the tools to beat it and knew where to start. The budget was their key to success.

“Once we got started on the debt snowball I tried to make a bare-bones budget,” Anita said. “It couldn’t go fast enough for me.”

Jeff and Anita were nearing the end of their debt snowball as Christmas approached. Anita crunched the numbers and discovered they would be completely out of debt just a few months after the holidays.

More than 5 million have beaten debt this way. You can too!

They realized if they didn’t have to budget for Christmas expenses, they would be debt-free sooner. It was then their daughter, Natalie, suggested they postpone Christmas to reach their goal ahead of time.

“We thought it was amazing that our daughter would acknowledge that and understand how much it meant to us,” said Jeff.

Watch more of their story to see how becoming debt-free was a family effort!

For more inspiring stories like this, listen to The Dave Ramsey Show.

Whether you’ve had a slow fall into debt or it happened overnight, you CAN get out of debt and have financial peace! Learn how to take control of your money with Dave Ramsey’s book The Total Money Makeover.

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