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Personal Development

Top Money Lessons Learned From Dad

3 Minute Read

To honor fathers past and present during this special time, Dave's Facebook fans told us the best lifelong money lessons they learned from their dads. These meaningful legacies are ones you can't put a price on!

Dusty: You can't lottery ticket your way to financial independence.

Shannon: My father told us to save for the short term and long term. Short term was for things we wanted; long term was for things we needed.

Violet: One time I smarted off to my dad saying, "When I grow up and start working, I'll buy whatever I want." His response: "You won't want as much then." He's proven correct.

Lewis: Don't spend so much on a wallet that you have nothing left to put in it.

Eric: My grandfather always taught us that "a penny saved is a penny earned" was bad math. "A penny invested is two pennies earned" is what we were taught. He retired when he was 50 with no college education.

Kristy: When I was newly married and times were tough, my papa would send us a little money with a note that simply said, "Pass it on when you are able. I love you." I am looking forward to the day when we are debt-free so I can do exactly this.

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Mary: A credit card is a license to pretend!

Rachel: In deed as much as word, my father taught me to save (and save early), give to God what is His anyway, live within my means, buy quality and share with others.

Mary: When my husband approached my dad before he asked me to marry him, my dad's exact words were, "Do you have health insurance?" Priceless, and oh, so wise.

Nate: The best money advice my father gave me was telling me that I need to start listening to Dave's show. He lived by Dave Ramsey's plan before Dave Ramsey lived by Dave Ramsey's plan. Man, am I thankful for that.

Rachelle: One day while we were driving, my dad taught me that gambling was like throwing money out the window. Then he took a dollar bill and threw it out the window to show me how much he meant it. I cried. But I never forgot and I have never, ever gambled with real money!

Andrew: We went to a carnival, and afterwards my dad said, "That was the cost of mowing the lawn. Was that worth mowing the lawn?" Now I always think of purchases in terms of hours of work. Is it worth it?

Lisa: When my dad explained the importance of keeping an accurate checkbook register, he said, "If you don't have time to write it down, you don't have time to buy it." To this day, every transaction is written down in my register. Thanks, Pops!

What's the best money lesson your dad taught you? Scroll down to leave a comment below.