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President George W. Bush Joins Lineup at 2016 Entre Summit

3 Minute Read

We’ve been hinting about it for months, but now we can officially announce a very special guest who will be joining us at EntreLeadership Summit in May. And we are unbelievably excited to share the news with you!

The 43rd President of the United States, George W. Bush, will be joining us in Dallas for a special interview with Dave. He’ll be sharing his candid insights on his eight years in the White House, his experiences with other world leaders, and the nature of public leadership and decision-making.

This is your chance to hear in person THE PERSON who served in the Oval Office for eight of the most consequential years in American history. Faced with challenges from a terrorist attack to a global financial crisis, he made difficult decisions that will shape the nation’s course and world affairs for decades to come. He is also the author of two best-selling books. Decision Points is a strikingly personal and candid account revealing how and why he made the defining decisions in his presidency and personal life. 41: A Portrait of My Father is an intimate biography of his father, President George H.W. Bush.

In addition to President Bush, Dave and our own Chris Hogan and Christy Wright, we’ve gathered four of the top business and leadership experts in the country to share their wisdom. Join fellow small business owners to learn from:

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Seth Godin

Called America’s greatest marketer and the ultimate entrepreneur for the information age, Seth Godin is the author of 18 books that have been best sellers around the world. He writes about the post-industrial revolution, the way ideas spread, marketing, quitting, leadership, and, most of all, changing everything.

Jim Collins

Jim Collins is a student and teacher of leadership and what makes great companies tick. His number-one best-seller, Good to Great, examines why some companies and leaders make the leap to superior results. He’s also the author of Good to Great and the Social Sectors, Built to Last, How the Mighty Fall and Great by Choice.

Patrick Lencioni

One of the most sought-after speakers in America, Patrick Lencioni tackles topics relating to organizational health, leadership and teams. He is the founder of The Table Group and the author of 10 best-selling books, including The Advantage, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team and Death by Meeting.

Dr. Henry Cloud

An acclaimed leadership expert, psychologist and best-selling author, Dr. Henry Cloud draws on his extensive experience in business, leadership consulting and clinical psychology to impart practical and effective advice for improving leadership skills and performance.

Don’t miss your chance to attend this once-in-a-lifetime leadership conference and to personally learn from some of the top leadership and business experts in the world. Join us May 22-25 at the Omni Dallas Hotel. Seating is limited. Reserve your space today.