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Personal Growth

Top 7 Interviews on The Dave Ramsey Show in 2015

3 Minute Read

We want to extend a huge thank you to all the amazing guests who joined us on the The Dave Ramsey Show this year. Their wisdom, faith and humor helped make it another life-changing year for millions of listeners around the globe.

In case you missed a minute of it (or you just want to experience it all over again), here are some of our favorite radio show guests from 2015.

1. Dr. Meg Meeker

As a pediatrician, Dr. Meg Meeker knows that healthy kids need emotional nourishment as much as they need physical nourishment. That’s why she’s so passionate about teaching parents how to raise genuinely successful kids. Watch this clip as she talks about her latest mission, The Strong Parent Project.

2. Dr. Ben Carson

Presidential candidate Ben Carson stopped by the studio to talk politics, but ended up sharing a personal story about his hard-working mother. Listen how she embodies the "can-do" attitude Carson wants to bring back to America.

3. John O'Leary

Don’t confuse being out of bed for being alive. That’s the message speaker John O’Leary wants to share with the world. Learn how a near-fatal accident as a child (followed by years of excruciating physical therapy) forever changed him. Watch the clip.

4. Dr. Les Parrott

The number one source of conflict in marriage comes from either perceived threat or perceived neglect. So...what does that mean, exactly? Author Les Parrot explains this concept from his latest book, The Good Fight.

5. Michael Jr.

Comedian Michael Jr. is a funny man on a serious mission. He doesn’t want to get laughs from people. He wants to give people the opportunity to laugh. Watch as he talks about comedy and his supporting role in the breakout movie, War Room.

6. Max Lucado

Feeling stuck spiritually? Max Lucado’s newest book, Glory Days, is for anyone desiring to find their way to God’s Promised Land. In this segment, Max tells why he wrote this story based on the book of Joshua.

7. David Ring

David Ring came into this world without a heartbeat. Sixty-one years later, he’s a testament to God’s miraculous ability to revive a stillborn baby and use him to bring hope to millions. Read more in his new book, The Boy Born Dead, and watch a clip from his interview with Dave.

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