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Leaving a Legacy

Tipping Basics: Should You Tip Your Carhop?

2 Minute Read

It’s an age-old question—one that’s been discussed about drive-in eating establishments over the last 50 years.

It’s a question that sparks heated debate wherever it is asked, causing lifelong friends to become enemies, and lifelong enemies to file for restraining orders.

It’s a question we’ve never asked here on Dave Ramsey’s site, so today—at the risk of an all-out brawl in our comments section—we’re diving in.

The question is simply this:

Should you tip your carhop?

You know, the nice gal or guy who rollerskates out to your car at your local Sonic or A&W restaurant?

One highly informal online poll showed that more than half of the people who go to Sonic don’t tip their carhop. Around 25% said they tip the carhop a buck or two, and less than 5% said they tip 10–20% like at normal restaurants.

One former Sonic carhop responded to the poll saying that they generally don’t expect tips but welcome them when they’re given.

Also, one supervisor at a Sonic Drive-In said on Reddit that all of his carhops make minimum wage and do receive tips more often than not.

So where do you stand on this highly controversial topic?

Should you, or should you not, tip your carhop? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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