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Personal Development

12 Things Only Budgeting Free Spirits Understand

3 Minute Read

When it comes to money, what exactly is a "free spirit?"

Do they just love to spend money all the time? Is the mall their favorite destination? Do they run from savings accounts like a squirrel bolts away from a passing car?

Maybe. Maybe not. It all depends on the person. But for some free spirits, the word "budget" is about as exciting as "broccoli" to a three-year-old.

It’s not that the free spirits are irresponsible. It’s just . . . maybe they’re a little less nerdy than their budget-loving counterparts.

So, when it comes to their money, what exactly are these free spirits all about? Their thought process might go something like this:

1. Reconciling your account? You’d rather watch grass grow. No matter how you cut it, nature is better than numbers, right?

2. Spending > Saving. They both make sense to you. But, you can’t help it—you just love to spend.

3. You want to rename the budget meeting to "How Can I Increase My Fun Money This Month?" meeting.

4. You just got a tax refund? Party time! You consider a tax refund a blessing, even though it’s an interest-free loan to Uncle Sam.

5. Budgeting? Isn’t that where you just pay your bills on time?

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6. Hosting parties is a blast, and they’re always worth the money—no matter how expensive. Like any true free spirit, you’ve got to get your party on.

7. Retirement savings sound awesome, but what about that iPad you need? You can always worry about retirement later.

8. You once told your spouse, "Once we make enough money, we won’t have to budget anymore!"

9. Just the thought of looking at a spreadsheet makes you fall asleep.

10. You kinda, sorta know how much all your bills cost. Maybe.

11. Your best friend’s birthday has been on the same day for 35 years. Her birthday is next week, and you didn’t budget for it. If you want to buy a gift, make sure you plan ahead next year.

12. Your version of the envelope system is the desk drawer where you keep your blank, white envelopes.

We understand. Being a budgeting free spirit can be hard. But don’t worry! You’re unique, and that’s okay. You bring life and energy wherever you go. Budgeting might not be your thing. But once you dabble with budgeting, just a little, you’ll see that it’s worth it!

If the above list seems completely foreign to you, then you’re definitely not the free spirit in the relationship. You’re probably the "nerd." Sorry to break that news. So what are some things only the nerdy, budget-savvy understand? We’ve got you covered on that too.

Whether you’re budget-savvy or a free spirit, you’ll benefit from taking even more control of your money situation. Our nine-week course will help you do just that.

Sharon and I in Sedona playing Snoopy and Red Baron

I Got Your Six

In my noble Hillbilly culture we like sayin’s—simple phrases that we might not even know the origin of but that tell a whole story in just a few words.


"I talked to a guy on my radio show the other day who was scared . . . He had just gotten laid off from a job he'd had for 28 years. He was making $38,000 per year and didn't see it coming."