"They Thought We Were Crazy"

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A Call of Celebration Jeff and Crystal traveled 15 hours from their home state of Nebraska to do their debt-free call from Dave's office!

Jeff and Crystal are in their twenties, and they are already completely debt-free! To get there, they paid off $40,000 in debt in just 16 months—on an income of $50,000. They didn’t mess around!

Jeff and Crystal were living on far less than they made to knock out that amount of debt in such a short time. To celebrate this milestone, they traveled 15 hours from their home state of Nebraska to Financial Peace Plaza to do their debt-free scream and watch Dave do the radio show.

“Not even 30 and you have no debt—do you know how weird this makes you?” Dave asked the couple during their Debt-Free Friday call. “Did anyone make fun of you while you were doing this?”

“Everyone, including our parents,” Jeff said, who noted that many of their friends and family were listening to the live call. Dave asked producer Blake to cue up Toby Keith’s “How Do You Like Me Now” to have a little fun in honor of Jeff and Crystal’s accomplishment.


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Jeff said he brought most of the debt into the marriage—$30,000 between his student loan and credit card debt. Crystal’s car accounted for the rest. But when they got married, all of the debt became “theirs,” and they attacked it with teamwork and unity.

“With all of your friends making fun of you, what made you decide 16 months ago that you could do this?” Dave asked.

The journey started when Crystal’s boss introduced her to Financial Peace University. “What a great boss!” Dave said. “That’s somebody who actually cares about the welfare of their team. That’s pretty neat.” Learn about SmartDollar, Dave Ramsey's Financial Wellness program.

But it was Jeff and Crystal who took the advice to heart and got gazelle intense. They read all of Dave’s books. They looked that debt in the face and decided it didn’t stand a chance. Since then, Jeff and Crystal have not only graduated from Financial Peace University, but they have sponsored other families to take it and led the class themselves at their church!

Making a Mark on Their Future Jeff and Crystal were congratulated by Dave and signed the debt-free wall behind them at Financial Peace Plaza.

Dave’s next question was, “What are you going to tell your FPU class the key to paying off $40,000 in 16 months is?”

“You have to get rid of the nonessentials and live like no one else,” Jeff said.

Jeff and Crystal held nothing back to take control of their financial future. “There was no room for life in that budget, but you know what they’ve got now? A life!” Dave said. “You have to sacrifice to win. If you live like no one else, then later you get to live like no one else.” And that’s exactly what this young couple did. Listen to their entire call with Dave.

Early in their marriage, Jeff and Crystal have changed the course of their future for good. Well done, guys! They’ve made a mark on their future—and on the wall of Financial Peace Plaza. To cap off the day, they signed the debt-free wall in the lobby!

This can be you, too! Get started now with Dave’s Seven Baby Steps.

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