The Seven Deadly Debt Sins

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You've heard about them. Talked about them. They are a surefire way to get yourself in money trouble. We call them the seven deadly sins that lead to debt.

Going into debt is the symptom of a larger problem. You don't spend excessive money on "stuff" unless you have a void somewhere in your life that you are trying to fill. If you don't have contentment, you will want (and buy) things that other people have even though you can't afford them.

So what are the seven sins, and how can they lead to being out of control with money?


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Seeing your neighbor drive up in a brand-new car can cause you to be envious of what they have (though they are probably broke and bought something they couldn't afford). If you are so desperate to feel equal or even better than those around you, you'll buy way too many things and destroy your chances of building wealth.


This can happen when you try to do the 90-days-same-as-cash routine. You buy a TV or major appliance and promise to pay it off on the 87th day. Then something happens. You go on vacation and forget the deadline. You accidently bounce a check and can't afford the payoff. Don't try to use the system to beat the system. It will always come back and bite you.


Not paying attention to your checkbook, or the terms of a loan, or walking around like Gomer Pyle on valium and not being proactive with your money will eventually cause you to not have any. Your spending will get away from you. Stay on top of your money.


This one almost goes without saying. Many times we want what we can't have. Trying to get something before it's the right time will get you in big-time money trouble. You'll get a loan for a new car and make $600 payments for five years. If you don't make those payments, the car will get repossessed and you will have no peace of mind.


This can happen when you talk to collectors. Their job is to make you mad or scared. If they scream and insult you, and you pay them before the light bill, you are not prioritizing well. Work hard, work overtime, and be smart with money. Keep a cool head when the heat is on, and you'll survive.


It's a more long-term version of greed. Money can buy fun, but not happiness. If you try to keep all of the money you make for yourself and only spend it (never giving it away or helping others), then money will only bring fun and not happiness. Fun things aren't as fun after a while. If you eat enough lobster, it tastes like soap. Helping others brings happiness, but you'll never learn that lesson if you never give.


There has never been a rich addict. If you have a problem with any sort of vice (drinking, gambling, pornography, etc.) or anything else, your addiction will cause you to spend, spend, spend. That will lead to more than just a ruined bank account; it will lead to ruined relationships, careers and lives.

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