The Power of the Written Word

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“Text me.”

“Shoot me an email.”

“Facebook me.”


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“Twitter me.”

“I’ll forward you the link.”

“Just Google my address, and it will show up.”

“You have a new e-card.”

“You’ve received an e-vite.”

In a digital world, the pen has lost its value. Or has it? Maybe the pen has increased in value. Hardly anyone writes letters or even quick, handwritten notes anymore. What if you did?

What if you took five minutes to send someone a handwritten note through the mail, stamp and all? What if you wrote your spouse or a coworker a short note? What if the prospect you just got off the phone with received a nice, written card that thanked them for their time and considering your business?

Here’s a guarantee: 99 times out of 100, it will be the only one they get all week. Probably all month. Maybe even all year.

Go down to your office supply store and invest in some pens (yes, they still sell them) and a stack of simple stationery. Leave them on your desk or in your car as a reminder of your new goal to write no less than two notes a week. Try it for a month. People will actually thank you for the note next time they see you.

When was the last time someone thanked you for an email or a text you sent them?

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