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Personal Development

The Remarkable Truth About Never Giving Up

2 Minute Read

At times, life can feel like a series of uphill battles.

You’ve been stressing over a work project, tackling a health problem, trying to restart your stalled marriage, or digging your way out of debt.

That’s life. But that’s not what has to define you.

You can approach your circumstances in one of two ways: By believing you’ll get through and pushing with everything you’ve got. Or by giving up because it’s too hard.

It’s your choice. It’s a myth that some people are born lucky and others unlucky. The reality is that some people choose to push ahead while others lag behind. You have the strength you need to keep going, but you have to follow through with a giant dose of mental toughness.

That’s what Peter B. Kyne’s The Go-Getter, a required reading piece for all new members on Dave Ramsey's team, is all about—chasing your goal no matter how hard it seems. It’s about never, ever giving up.

This 1920’s fable revolves around a young salesman who stops at nothing to retrieve a blue vase for his boss, despite running into every obstacle imaginable.

Quitting would have been easy, even justified! But that’s not what this young man believed about himself. It didn’t matter what the world said, or what appeared impossible. He believed he would succeed.

Lead others to financial peace! It’s easier than you think. Learn how.

It’s about never, ever giving up.

The twists and turns of this short read will keep you on your feet and inspire you to chase your own blue vase. With faith and grit, you can press on. And you can achieve whatever goal you set out to accomplish. Because you simply refuse to give up.

So what dream are you chasing? What are you trying to make happen? Is the world throwing you curveballs at every corner? Is it starting to feel impossible? Good. Now is a great time to be a go-getter.

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