The Engagement Gap

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Towers Perrin did a survey of over 90,000 team members in 18 countries about their work habits. The results found that only 21% of workers are engaged in their jobs. Even worse, 38% are just partly plugged in. Towers Perrin is calling this the engagement gap.

This simply means that if a team member isn't plugged into his work, he won't execute. This is not exactly what managers like to hear about their workers. But if you dig a little deeper, you'll find that companies that strive to engage their workers within their office tend to have better overall results. And the more engaged your team is, the less turnover you will see.


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Companies that have a more engaged workforce generate more revenue than workplaces that don't have connected team members. The best way a company can engage their workers is by allowing them to see the big picture. If they can visualize the goals for the workplace and know how they directly plug into those goals, it will create a greater sense of belonging and productivity within the worker. Even the workers at the bottom of the ladder need to know how they fit into the company's overall plan. Show them how their work directly affects the overall outcome for the workplace.

Allowing your team members to see the bigger picture for the company helps you in your long-term goals. Let your workers be engaged in their work. Offer them ways to use their skills and passions to achieve your company's goals. If you think about it, what's more significant to a company's bottom line than its workers?

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