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The Difference Between #blessed and a Real Blessing

3 Minute Read

Have you ever seen “#blessed” on social media?

Sometimes, the hashtag is accompanied by a photo, and the context is usually something like this:

“Can’t believe how beautiful this Caribbean beach is! #blessed”

“Just bought a new Tahoe! #blessed”

“Look at what he gave me for my birthday. Best. Husband. Ever. #blessed”

Don’t misunderstand. There’s nothing wrong with celebrating a meaningful event. But what’s the motive? Is it genuine, or is it a subtle way of showing off? A “humble brag?”

I’m absolutely not saying everyone who’s ever used “#blessed” has poor motives. In fact, I’m sure many people are truly genuine. But I do believe that simple hashtagged word is an indicator of how comparison living is a big problem in today’s world, especially on social media.

So how do you avoid falling into this comparison game? Here are a few tips from my upcoming book Love Your Life, Not Theirs.

Change Your Perspective

Just because someone has a lot of stuff, that doesn’t mean they’re wealthy. And just because someone doesn’t live a glamorous life, that doesn’t mean they’re not wealthy. The fact is that stuff doesn’t equal wealth. So whether you have a little or a lot, it’s important to simply be content with where you are and what you have.

Cheer Each Other On

When one of your friends buys a new house or gets a dream job, be happy for them! There’s so much more joy, peace and contentment when we cheer each other on instead of being jealous about what other people have.

Stop Trying to Live Like Your Parents

It’s so easy to try and maintain the same lifestyle your parents have. But, remember, they have a 20 to 30 year head start! Be happy with your starter home and your well-loved car. Your lifestyle isn’t always going to match your parents, and that’s okay! You have plenty of time.

Redefine the Phrase “I Deserve It.”

I get it. If you’re with kids all day every day, you probably do “deserve” a day at the spa. But let’s think about what that really means. You don’t always “deserve” a new car or an upgrade on your house. If you’ve budgeted for the right amount, and it fits in with your priorities, then you’ve worked for it and can justify the purchase. But let’s stop saying we “deserve” everything we want. Life is much easier without that mentality.

Own Your Stuff

When you use debt, you let your stuff own you. The deeper you go into debt, the more stress and anxiety you bring on yourself. When you use cash, you allow your stuff to be a blessing, not a curse.

Everyone has blessings in their life. The quicker you can identify your true blessings, the more content you’ll be where you are. Let’s forget about the Joneses. Start loving your life, not theirs.

“The quicker you can identify your true blessings, the more content you’ll be where you are.” @RachelCruze

In my upcoming book Love Your Life, Not Theirs, I dive into the seven money habits, including quitting the comparisons, that will help you live the life you truly want. You can preorder the book today and receive over $70 of free digital bonus items!

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Rachel Cruze is a seasoned communicator and #1 best-selling author, helping Americans learn the proper ways to handle money and stay out of debt. You can follow Rachel on Twitter at @RachelCruze, online at, or at