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Personal Growth

5 Minute Read

The Business Boutique 2020 Goal Planner Is Here

5 Minute Read

The Business Boutique 2020 Goal Planner Is Here

Let’s face it, time has a way of coming and going very quickly. If we’re not intentional with it, time can leave us feeling like we’re stuck in the very same place. So how do we stay intentional, create goals, and make sure we stay on track to reaching them?

Putting your goals on paper is the first step toward living the kind of life you’ve always dreamed of. And if you’re a business owner (or just a living, breathing human being), being intentional about how you live your days is the key factor between success and failure.

The Business Boutique 2020 Goal Planner is your personal guide to getting results. And that’s exactly what it will do for you: inspire, teach and give you the tools you need to reach your goals and finish the year strong.

“It’s natural to want to feel like you’re working toward something, and it’s defeating when you feel like you aren’t.” 

— Christy Wright 

Live Life on Purpose

The way we see it, there’s only one way to live: on purpose. And one of the easiest ways to start living on purpose is by pinpointing your dreams and setting goals. That’s why using a planner can help you begin to write your goals down and start achieving them . . . one day at a time. Seriously—when you write things down, you’re more likely to actually tackle your goals and make those seemingly far-reaching dreams a reality.1

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We know what you’re thinking . . . I do this every single year and end up forgetting my goal by midnight on New Year’s Day. We get it. New Year’s resolutions are often made and forgotten about before January is even over (or before the clock strikes twelve). But setting real, behavior-changing goals is more about becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be than just a simple resolution to floss or cut out sugar this year.

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: Putting your goals on paper is the first step to achieving your goals and making your dreams come true. The Business Boutique 2020 Goal Planner can help you set—and reach—those big dreams for the year to come.

What Features Are in the Business Boutique 2020 Goal Planner?

Monthly Lessons and Activities

It’s time to get serious about your goal setting. That’s why this planner has a specific goal-setting space. You can get serious about the areas where you want to grow—on purpose and before the month begins. Every single month, we’ll tackle a different topic that will help you grow in different areas of your life and business. You’ll get a new lesson and activity that will help you set specific goals (and hold you accountable to reaching them).

Monthly Calendar Views

Here’s where you’ll set your goals for the month and list out what you need to do to reach them. You can even write down what you’re doing this month to reach your yearly goals. See a theme here? We want you to keep your goals at the top of your mind no matter where you are in the year!

Weekly Calendar Views

Fill in the time slots with your to-do list, as well as your day to day commitments. Remember, this isn’t overwhelming (or shouldn’t be). We’ve broken each day up into bite-size pieces—so your goals actually happen.

There’s also a space to write down your priorities: What are you doing this week for your business, your family and even yourself? There’s even a place to write down what you’re grateful for. And most importantly, you’ll find encouragement from Scripture and motivational quotes to keep you on track.

Monthly Review

When Christy gets knee to knee with women in her coaching sessions, she always looks back at the previous month or session. Why? Because it’s so important to reflect on where you’ve been, take inventory of where you’re at on your journey, and even reset if needed in order to get to where you want to go.

Can I Use This Goal Planner Even If I Don’t Own a Business?

Yes! The Business Boutique 2020 Goal Planner is for everyone—even if you aren’t a business owner. The key here is that this is a goal planner, not just a calendar to tell you where you have to be or what you have to do that day. The focus is all about helping you take the right steps each month to get you where you want to go.

What People Love About the Business Boutique Goal Planner

“What's not to love? This is the most beautiful planner. Love the colors, which are easy on the eyes. Love the spiral bound, which makes writing easier. But what's best is the area for the weekly and daily goal setting. Lots of room for notes. Love the monthly action plan that makes you get specific on goals. Also [there’s an] area for documenting what you are grateful for. Bonus Bible Scriptures found in month in review are inspiring, as well as Christy's and other famous people’s quotes. Glad I got mine before they were sold out!” — Happy Mom

“This has been a game changer to help my time management! I feel more organized, which has led to a higher productivity level!” — Loree

“This is just what I need to keep on track with my goals and stay focused with all my goals front of mind—yearly, monthly and weekly. The monthly focus tips will keep you motivated, and there’s plenty of space to write notes so I can grow even more in my business this year. Everything put out by Business Boutique is amazing, and this planner is no exception!” — Heather

Ready to get intentional about your goals and make your dreams a reality? Pick up a copy of Christy Wright’s Business Boutique 2020 Goal Planner before they’re gone!