Thanksgiving Horror Stories

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Exploding turkey fryers. Awkward dinner conversations. Uninvited and annoying relatives. At some point, we've all had an awful Thanksgiving experience, right? 

Sure, Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday where we take a step back think about the things we should be grateful for. It’s a great time to enjoy family and create memories.

But sometimes, Thanksgiving has a way of creating the wrong kind of memories.


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We asked Dave’s Facebook fans about some of their Thanksgiving horror stories, and they responded in full force:

When I was younger, I had hamsters. One had been missing for about two weeks. We were at the table during Thanksgiving dinner and we kept hearing this scratching noise. Next thing you know, Stimpy the AWOL hamster had chewed through the upstairs floor and dining room ceiling around the chandelier and landed in the gravy. I can still hear my mom’s screams. —Ashley

I wanted to do something different one year, so I baked a ham with a bourbon glaze. I accidentally used twice the amount [of bourbon] needed, and after baking for about 45 minutes, the alcohol vapor built up in the oven and exploded, blowing the door completely open. A huge blue flame shot across the kitchen as we all shrieked and ducked! Thankfully nothing or no one was injured in any way! —Jill

When my husband and I were newly married, a friend brought us a wild turkey he had killed. We were thrilled! I set about preparing it. The house smelled fantastic. It was time to take it from the oven and I was wrapping up all the little stuff to complete the meal so we could have our feast. It was about then that our doorbell rang. It was the guy who gave us the turkey—and the game warden. Apparently he had taken the turkey out of season and was in big trouble. They ask me to remove the turkey and bag it for them. We said goodbye to our Thanksgiving turkey and ate veggies and stuffing. I am quite certain someone enjoyed that turkey that year, but it wasn't my family. —Gina

I placed a Cornish game hen inside our turkey before we cooked it. When it was being emptied of its stuffing and carved, I screamed and said, “Oh my gosh! The turkey was pregnant!” as the female guests gasped with horror! —Karen

 When I was in grad school in Georgia, I was driving home for Thanksgiving to see my family. I made it to the first gas station only to have my debit card declined at the pump because a student loan had overdrafted my account. I had no money to make the four-hour drive, and I spent Thanksgiving alone. I have since participated in Financial Peace University and fixed my financial issues. Thanks Dave! —Jamie

Isn’t Thanksgiving awesome? Even when the turkey explodes or a hamster falls into the gravy, at least you’ll always have those memories!

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