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How to Survive College

For a lot of high school students, a graduation ceremony is a proud moment—and it should be. Twelve years of studying, taking tests, and attending class finally pay off.

In the crowd, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and family friends all look on with a smile as these new high school graduates stroll across the stage, accept their diploma, and begin their new lives.

For most, college is the next step, and the future is bright. That’s the good news. The bad news is that too many students step on to a college campus without a clue about how to handle money.

Moving away to college is the first time that many students will experience living on their own. Unfortunately, managing money and the cost of living isn’t even on their radar. Instead, they are imagining how to decorate their dorm room or which fraternity they are going to join. This lack of knowledge and preparation can cause huge problems when they can’t pay a bill that’s due or when emergencies happen (which they will). Students go to the one thing they truly believe is a solution: debt. Why? Because no one has shown them a different way.

To make a bad situation worse, credit card companies take advantage of this lack of knowledge by making college students—especially incoming college freshmen—their target audience. The average student loan debt has now surpassed $27,000 for an undergraduate degree. The college-bound kids you know will more than likely fall into this trap of “normal” unless you arm them now before it’s too late! They don’t realize that the decisions they will make in the next four years can affect them for the next 40 years.

Having just graduated from college a few years ago, I know the pressures that college students face. I was bombarded by the credit card offers. I was right there in the trenches with every other student, seeing the struggles they face. So for the last few years, I’ve been working with my dad, Dave Ramsey, and our team to start a movement by talking to my generation about money and debt.

For so long, people have been coming up to me saying, “I wish I would have known this stuff when I was in college.” Do you feel the same way? Don’t you wish someone sat down with you and stressed the importance of living on a budget, staying away from credit cards, picking the right friends, and even the importance of giving your time and money?

Give the college students you know a little “preventative medicine” now so they won’t have to deal with the disease of debt later. Get The Graduate’s Survival Guide and confidently send them off to college!

Want to learn more about how to go to school without loans? Debt-Free Degree by Anthony ONeal is the book all college-bound students—and their parents—need to prepare for this next step. Grab a copy today or start reading for free to get plenty of tips on going to college debt-free!

Rachel Cruze

About the author

Rachel Cruze

Rachel Cruze is a two-time #1 national bestselling author, financial expert and host of The Rachel Cruze Show. She has appeared on Good Morning America, Today and Live With Kelly & Ryan, among others. Since 2010, Rachel has served at Ramsey Solutions, where she teaches people how to avoid debt, save money, budget and win with money at any stage in life. Learn More.