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4 Starbucks Hacks That Can Save You Money

2 Minute Read

Life without coffee is not an option. And brewing your own at home can be tough when you’re already late and trying to get out the door with your hair brushed and clothes on. Here’s the thing: getting that $5 venti vanilla bean crème frappuccino everyday adds up! What if you could feed the bean need for less? These four hacks will save you some George Washingtons at the Starbucks counter or window.

Hack One: Sign up to be a rewards member

You’ll get free refills in the store, a freebie on your birthday, and you can skip the lines by ordering ahead and paying through the app.

Hack Two: Order a short espresso

Yep. They have a short cup not listed on the menu! It gives you the same amount of caffeine as a tall coffee for less.

Hack Three: Go with brewed coffee instead of a latte

A tall coffee has more caffeine than a venti latte (235 mg to 150 mg), and it’s half the price.

Hack Four: Order a double espresso over ice in a venti cup

Then add your own milk (and sugar) over at the bar area. You just made a cheap latte!

Bonus Hack:

If your dog is with you, order a free “puppuccino.” Your pup will get a small cup of whipped cream they’re sure to love!

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So, until you start waking up early enough to grind and brew your own cup in the morning, perk up! These five hacks will help you stick a little closer to your budget.

Watch as George Kamel explains the hacks!

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