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Personal Growth

Simple, Silly or Significant: Unique Goals Dave Fans Will Accomplish This Year

4 Minute Read

One of the best things about community is being surrounded by like-minded folks. People who don’t think you’re crazy for living on a budget and cutting up your credit cards. Friends who are willing to ask you tough questions and constantly encourage you to go after the best. It’s a powerful thing to have accountability from others who are walking through the Baby Steps!

That’s what you’ll find in Financial Peace University (FPU). What you won’t find, though, is cookie-cutter.

FPU class members are unique, funny and—at times—even a little weird. Want proof? Check out some of the 2013 goals that were submitted on the community’s Facebook page. We’re not talking about weight loss or financial gain. These goals are just a little, well, different. But isn’t that a wonderful thing?

The simple

My goal for the year is to complete my goals. —Pat
One of mine is to always hang my coat up on the coat rack instead of throwing it over a kitchen chair. —Mark 
I want to make my bed every day. —Janelle
My goal is to learn how to properly apply makeup. —Mylie
I want to watch more of the classic movies of the 40s and 50s. —David

The sweet

I’m going to learn to bake sugar-free recipes for my diabetic husband in the high altitude. —Shana
Do a random act of kindness every day just to make somebody else's life easier—and make sure that it's as anonymous as possible. —Kristen
My husband and I made a goal to join a co-ed sports league together. We just joined a softball team. I've watched him play for the past eight years, and now I won't be sitting in the bleachers! —Tiffany

The silly

I would like to finally mate all my socks that have been in a three-and-a-half bushel laundry basket for the past year. —Tami
Stop over-plucking my eyebrows to the point of being bald! —Christina 
My goal is to get all my DVDs back in the correct cases. —Veronica
My 10-month-old son’s goals for 2013 are talking, walking and gaining more weight. —Stephanie

The smart

My goal for 2013 is to plant and harvest a nice, big garden and can 150 quarts of tasty fruits and vegetables. —Jared
I'm going to start working on my sleep debt. Here's to hoping that my kids will take more naps in 2013 so I can too! —Karen
To keep our house clean so guests can stop in anytime, instead of us panicking to clean up in short order. —Carl
I want to get my family out into nature more by going hunting, fishing, or walking trails. —John

The significant

To cook around the world: 52 meals—one for each week—from a different country each time. —Heidi
I want to get skin for my prosthetic leg so I can get a tattoo, and I want to start to walk again so I can hike the Great Wall of China. —Stephanie
I have three different books in process of being written. My goal is to finish and publish at least one of them. —Kimberly

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Around here, we embrace the unique. After all, if you’re normal, you’re broke. So be weird! Tell your money what to do and put it to work for you and your family. Set some financial goals for 2013 that are written, specific, measurable, time-sensitive and personal.

In the process, don’t forget to also be a little different. Hone in on something small you’d like to change and then go for it! Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest impact. 

Do you have any unique goals for 2013? Share them below—the weirder, crazier, funnier … the better!