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Sharks, Tornados, and Better Health Insurance

2 Minute Read

Actor Ian Ziering recently revealed that the biggest reason he took the role of Fin Shepard in the infamous Syfy Channel movie Sharknado was . . . for the health insurance.

Ziering has his insurance through the Screen Actor’s Guild union, and he must earn a certain income each year to qualify for the best coverage. Since he and his wife were expecting their second baby last spring, he “took one for the team” and proceeded to save helpless citizens from a freak hurricane that tossed hundreds of sharks into the waterlogged streets of Los Angeles.

Take one for the team indeed—The Syfy Channel has produced some of the most Oscar-worthy (and we mean the Grouch, not the award) movies ever made, including Sharktopus, Dinocroc vs. Supergator, Piranhaconda and Dead and Deader. It’s tough enough to watch those movies, let alone star in one. However, Ziering did what he needed to do in order to take care of his family, and for that, we commend him.

If you need to take on extra work to get out of debt, don’t overlook opportunities like taking on a paper route or delivering pizzas. After all, a pepperoni pie is better than a great white in the sky.