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Service with a Smile

Have you ever experienced incredible service? Not just a brief smile and a “let me know if I can help you,” but the type of service where someone goes out of their way to provide you with the best experience possible with their company.

Maybe it was the shoe salesman at the retail store, the pizza delivery guy, or the customer service representative on the phone. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to experience quality service, then you know the type of impression it makes.

That’s the type of impression a young guy named Jonathan made on Dave. Jonathan was the manager at a sub shop right down the road from Dave’s office in Brentwood, Tennessee.

Every now and then, Dave would head over to the sub shop with his son. And, every single time, Jonathan would address them by name and call out their order before they could even speak.

This guy treated his customers well! You’re probably thinking, Well, he knew that was Dave Ramsey and his son. Well, he did…but that’s not why he treated them so well.

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Everyone was treated with the same five-star service when they met Jonathan—bankers, construction workers, maids, mothers, teachers, corporate executives. Jonathan treated them all well. He knew their names and their usual orders—he went out of his way to make them feel comfortable while at the sub shop. That’s great service.

He smiled. He had energy. He came out from behind the counter and talked with the customers and cleaned tables. He was a leader in the business, and he served more than anyone else there. And, remember, this was a sub shop—not a world-class restaurant!

But something happened. One day, Dave returned to the sub shop and Jonathan was gone. He left to go back to college and get an education. But Jonathan already knew a lot more about business than many employees and entrepreneurs could ever grasp.

It all comes down to service. When you treat people with outstanding service, they are more than happy to buy stuff from you. It’s amazing, isn’t it?

Think about this: What if every business had a Jonathan? How could that type of positive, go-getter attitude transform businesses—and even the economy?

That’s why it’s so vital for business owners to understand the importance of having team members who are energized and supporting the company’s mission—whether it’s selling sandwiches or shipping boxes.

When you have someone like Jonathan, do everything you can to take care of him. Show your appreciation. Treat your team with dignity and respect, and they will treat you, your customers, and your business with dignity and respect.

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