September Month In Review

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RT @chirpyKT: You know Dave has changed your life when you envy people who are debt-free rather than people who have cooler stuff than you.

78% of players are bankrupt or under money stress w/in 2 yrs of leaving NFL. Million dollar mystery:


Local experts you can trust.

Find an ELP

35% of all corporate credit cards leave the employee liable for the debt if the company goes under & if your employer doesn't pay.

Don't just say "ready, aim, aim, aim..." Nobody ever hit their target/goal without pulling the trigger! - Dave Ramsey

DROID!!! Surprise! The free ASK DAVE app for the #Android is official. Go get it!

The Snuggie (or what I like to call the robe you wear backwards) was #4 on the list of "Companies Thriving in the Recession." 20 million sold in 2009! OK...fess many of our fans own one? (any Zebra prints out there?!)

Are You Ready For Some Football? Martha (Our Director of Guest Relations & "Martha's Place") has the perfect tailgating recipes to kick off the season!

Dave steps out during a TDRS break to say hi to some of the counselor trainers in town.

Want to get a spouse on the plan? Quit cramming the "how" (Dave says) down their throat & start sharing the "why" it's beneficial. - Dave

Dave Ramsey welcomes author, blogger & speaker Jon Acuff (also known as @ProdigalJohn on Twitter) to the team.

Broke people ask, "How much down, how much a month?" Rich people ask, "How much?" - Dave Ramsey

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