Sell Your Home By The End Of The Year

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For homeowners who’ve had their homes on the market for a while, autumn’s cooler weather may bring a twinge of anxiety. Now that the peak home-selling season has passed, will you be able to sell your home by the end of the year?

We asked some top-notch real estate agents that question, and their answer was loud and clear: Now is a great time to get your home sold.

Here’s how selling your home this time of year can work to your advantage.


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Less Competition Means Better Sales

It’s true that most buyers plan their purchases during the summer months, but there are plenty of interested buyers all year long. Even in Panama City Beach, FL, where real estate agent Jeff P. works, homes sales remain steady into the holiday season.

“Looking back over my real estate career, the fall and early winter have always been great months for us,” Jeff said. In 2012, December sales in Jeff’s area nearly tied the sales numbers for June—the highest month of the year last year.

Even though sales are strong, there are historically fewer homes vying for the buyers’ attention this time of year, Joanne C., an agent near Atlanta said. “Less competition means your home will sell faster and for more money,” she added.

Less Traffic but More Serious Buyers

As the holidays approach, our calendars start to fill up. The regular schedule of parties, shopping and holiday time with family means anyone who makes time to look at your home is serious about buying right away, Joanne explained.

The numbers Jeff provided support her idea. In 2012, homes sold nearly two weeks faster in October through December than the rest of the year.

Your Home Is Ready to Show

“What time does your home look prettier than during the holidays?” Joanne asked. “Buyers buy on emotion, so they want to feel how their family will live in your home. With a home decorated for the holidays, you are helping the buyers see how they will live in the home.”

Jeff agreed but reminded homeowners to minimize clutter and keep things clean. And if you do decorate during the holidays, remember to remove the decorations as soon as the season is over.

Get Going With Advice From a Pro

If you’ve decided you’re ready to sell your home, there’s no reason to put it off until after the new year. Get your home sold before most folks even put out their “for sale” signs by working with an experienced real estate agent like Jeff or Joanne.


Both Jeff and Joanne are Endorsed Local Providers (ELPs) in their markets for Dave’s nationwide real estate ELP program. Your ELP is a top expert just like Jeff and Joanne, with the experience and knowledge to help you sell your home no matter what the challenges are. Contact your ELP today!

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