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Personal Development

How to Effectively Communicate With Everyone

3 Minute Read

Have you ever tried to explain something to someone and they just don’t get it? Or you instantly butt heads with another person, no matter the issue?

It’s beyond frustrating. But it’s a problem that can be fixed by learning to communicate to different personality styles. Dave believes in it so strongly that each potential team member takes a DISC personality test to ensure that their style fits with the job and team they’ll join. He also teaches other business leaders about it. The DISC test is covered extensively in EntreLeadership.

To get you started on your way to understanding the personalities, here’s a summary of the four styles and tips on how to communicate.

Remember, no one ever fits into just one category.

1. Dominance

D’s Style: They have a hard-driving, result-oriented, take-no-prisoner style. Feelings are put on the back burner, as long as the job gets done. Decisions are made quickly, so they can move on to the next thing.

How to Talk to Them: The quicker, the better. Social chit-chat can make their heads explode. Come prepared for whatever you need to discuss, give them the details, get out of their way, and let them fly.

2. Interactive

I’s Style: Dave describes this style of personality as a “party looking for a place to happen.” They’re impulsive, fun and love to be around people. They can be expressive, playful, persuasive and can quickly lose focus.

How to Talk to Them: Diving straight into a conversation with lots of details will bore them to death, and they’ll probably stop listening. If you lead them, make sure they have clear goals with deadlines so they can stay focused.

3. Steady

S’s Style: The S has never met a feeling they wanted to hurt. They are always concerned with others and avoid confrontation at all costs. They are loyal and steady. At work, they are awesome team members. 

How to Talk to Them: Start with friendly conversation. If you act hostile or pushy when tackling a tough subject, they’ll run the other way, so keep your tone even when dealing with them. When making any changes, give them time to adjust.

4. Compliant

C’s Style: There is an easy way to make a C happy: Give them lots and lots of facts and details. They thrive on them, as well as the rules, which they know and follow. They’re highly competent and all about business.

How to Talk to Them: Get right down to the subject with lots of facts and figures. Ask for their opinions and give them time to answer. They’re great at developing procedures.

Although it’s not a magic bullet that can fix all problems, understanding personality styles is a great place to start when learning how to communicate. Communication is a major key to success. As Dave says, creating a culture of communication is the only way you can really create a winning environment.

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