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How to Save Money and Time on Your Taxes

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At tax time, we hear a lot of tax-filing horror stories. Some turn out well while others can only be chalked up as learning experiences.

One of the most dramatic stories we’ve told you about was Lori T.’s experience with a well known, nationwide tax-preparation company. Lori worked with agent who claimed to have 25 years of experience, but since he was not a true tax professional, he made several mistakes and left out deductions Lori qualified for. As a result, his forms showed that Lori owed the IRS $8,000!

Following a friend’s advice, Lori got a second opinion from a CPA—one of Dave’s tax Endorsed Local Providers (ELPs). Lori’s new CPA found the errors and missed deductions and discovered that Lori was actually due a refund! Read Lori’s full story.

Obviously, not everyone saves $8,000 on their taxes by working with a qualified expert. But every little bit is more cash in your pocket, right? That’s how Todd E. looks at his experience with his tax ELP in Terre Haute.

“After doing my taxes [myself] online for the last few years, [my ELP] saved me about $250 on my taxes this year,” he said.

It’s Not All About the Money

Saving money on your taxes is awesome, but it’s not the only reason to work with a pro. When you hire an experienced expert to complete your taxes, you can trust that they’ve been done correctly.

In Lori’s experience, she had an uneasy feeling from the beginning of her appointment with her tax preparer. As it turned out, her doubts were a huge red flag. Christina K. felt the same uneasiness after she filled out her own tax forms, so she consulted her tax ELP before she filed. “I have an understanding of tax and accounting,” she said. “But I came away with so much more knowledge.”

Beyond Expectations

That peace of mind has a lot to do with how your tax pro treats you. When Lori met with her first tax preparer, she felt rushed along, especially near the end of her appointment. With the next client already waiting, the tax preparer brushed aside Lori’s questions about potential deductions.

But when she met with her ELP, she had a completely different experience. “I feel more secure because I believe she is truly working to do the best job possible for me, instead of feeling like I’m just the next person in line,” Lori explained. “I can ask questions, and she will actually take the time to answer or explain without making me feel like I'm encroaching on the next person’s time slot.”
Abbey R. agreed. “I couldn’t believe how friendly [my ELPs] were,” she said. “I was a little nervous, but when I left, I felt like I was family.”

Want to See How Much Time and Money You Can Save With a Tax Pro?

Just like these folks, you can take the stress out of filing taxes this year by working with one of Dave’s tax ELPs. All of our ELPs are experienced tax professionals who are dedicated to helping you file your taxes with confidence.

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