6 Ways to Have Santa-Sized Fun While on a Christmas Budget

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Too many people think you have to spend big bucks to have big Christmas fun.

They splurge on gifts, traveling, food and entertainment and then shrug it off by saying “It’s Christmas.” That creates Santa-sized trouble if your money is tight. That’s why it’s a better idea to go for less expensive holiday activities.

Is that even possible? You bet! Check out our six surefire ways to have a big blast with little cost:


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1. Decorate cookies together.

Buy some sugar cookie mix at the store along with sweet toppings such as icing, candy canes and sprinkles. Spend an afternoon baking and decorating the cookies while listening to your favorite Christmas songs. It’s a great way to get yourself in the yuletide spirit.

2. Have a Christmas movie marathon.

From It’s a Wonderful Life to Elf, there are tons of classic films you can stream online or check out from the library. Pull out blankets, make some cookies and hot chocolate, and gather the family around for a merry movie marathon.

3. Compose crazy Christmas carols.

This is the old word game Mad Libs with a holiday twist. Blank out certain words in your favorite yuletide songs. Ask your family members to suggest nouns, verbs, numbers and so on. Then sing the new lyrics and get your jolly on.

4. Have a sock snowball fight.

Gather every pair of socks you can find and ball them up until they’re the size of snowballs. Then move some furniture, pile the socks in the center of the room, and yell “Go!” Oh, and keep your head down!

5. Take some Santa snapshots.

Take a Santa doll with you the next time you go shopping or on a holiday trip. Snap pictures of him in crazy poses around town and post them to Facebook or Instagram. Even better, get some friends to join in and choose who has the best photos.

6. Go on a scavenger hunt.

Make a list of holiday items to find—maybe a stuffed reindeer, a seven-foot tree or a roll of wrapping paper with snowmen on it. Spend the day searching and determine a prize for locating everything. The hunt is on!

There are several ways to enjoy the holiday season, even with a limited budget. A good time doesn’t depend on how much you spend. It’s about diving into the activity and making it fun. Anyone can do that. Look around and see what you can get into this Christmas.

With some effort, the fun will be big, but the spending will be small.

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