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Investing & Retirement

Ron Didn't Need a College Degree to Become a Millionaire

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Ron never went to college. He wasn’t born into money either. But his father left him something that’s taken him further financially than either of those could.

“If I inherited anything, it was the wisdom of my father,” Ron says. “We were taught at an early age that money doesn’t grow on trees; that a job worth doing is worth doing right; that your word is your bond; that integrity is important—the fundamentals of functioning in life. Those seeds that were planted proved to be extremely valuable.”

Ron, now retired in Houston, Texas, is a millionaire.

He spent six years in the Air Force and the rest of his career in the food business before he retired at age 75. For decades he worked hard, lived below his means, saved, and watched his net worth grow little by little.

“We grew up in a house where can’t never did anything,” Ron recalls. “I never could say to my father, ‘I can’t.’ You try, and if you fail, you learn why you failed and you try again.

“My challenge to a lot of people is getting them to believe in themselves. You can do it. Because again, can’t never did anything.”

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