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Investing & Retirement

From $125,000 in Debt to a Net Worth in Millions

1 Minute Read

Life seemed to be going perfectly for Ron and Coleen. Two good jobs. A nice house. A happy family.

Then, surprisingly, Coleen’s company started downsizing and she lost her job. With just one income, the couple knew their house was in jeopardy. Their money situation started to deteriorate, and stress began to add up.

"I was angry," Coleen said. "It was really scary, and it was embarrassing."

The couple resolved to make changes—purchasing The Total Money Makeover and beginning to get rid of debt at an incredible pace.

In 18 months, they paid off nearly $125,000.

Soon after, Ron and Coleen unexpectedly discovered they had a net worth of over a million dollars! Here’s how it all happened.

You can listen to The Dave Ramsey Show on Sirius XM Radio now! Click here for more information.

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