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Personal Development

This Easy Read Can Make a Huge Impact

2 Minute Read

The best way to accomplish your goals is to take an I-will-not-be-denied attitude. Identify what you want and pursue it with a positive, hard-charging effort. Have thick skin. Don’t let anything stop you!

Sounds like a simple approach, right? It is! But, that doesn't mean that we don't need a reminder from time to time. You’ll find that no-nonsense message of focus, energy, and positivity in Rhinoceros Success, one of the awesome books new Ramsey Solutions team members read when they join the company. This humorous book packs a positive message into less than 100 pages and should be on your list of books to read.

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How Is a Rhinoceros Successful?

Rhinos are hard-charging creatures with thick skin. They lock onto a target and don't let obstacles stop them from reaching it. We can learn a lot from this interesting animal. One of those things is how to achieve great results in life by being intentional and confident and pressing forward. That’s true with just about every area of your life:

  • Work: Promotions come to those who perform their jobs at a high level—a rhinoceros level!
  • Financial: Earn all the money you can. Give some to others, save some for the future, and have fun with the rest.
  • Family: Great relationships happen when you are intentional and involved in the lives of your spouse, children and extended family.
  • Physical: Exercise regularly. You’ll feel as strong and confident as a charging rhino!
  • Spiritual: The spiritual part of your life costs nothing but can mean everything. Believe with all your heart in things that are good, honest and pure.
  • Social: Share connections with good people so that everyone builds each other up.

Keep the Rhino Vibe Going

Nonstop energy and a positive attitude are contagious. Let others see the smiling, thumbs-up approach you bring to your job, relationships and life. Who knows? You may inspire someone to be like the rhino!

Lead others to financial peace! It’s easier than you think. Learn how.

The rhinoceros succeeds because it charges after the things it wants. If that’s an attitude you’d like to learn more about, we know just the book for you!