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Recognizing Loyal Team Members

The average job is now only 2.1 years in length, which means that the average worker could have as many as 20 different jobs in his or her working life. So how do you acknowledge a team member who has been with the company for a while?

It's important to recognize, reward and thank your long-term team members for their great work. They have stayed with the company because they believe in the mission and want to do their part to help it succeed.

Individuals who have at least 10 years of experience with the organization should be rewarded for their loyalty and service. Since they've become a staple in your workplace environment, they may be easy to overlook. But you must do your part to make sure this doesn't happen.

At Dave Ramsey's office, new team members agree to a 90-day trial period. If things don't work out between the company and the team member, the parties are free to part ways. As team members work longer at the company, the commitment to each other becomes stronger.

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Dave recently honored his first team member, who is the company's lead counselor, and teaches the bulk of Dave's Counselor Training Program. Because of his desire to serve, he has counseled over 10,000 families and trained thousands of counselors. As a way to show his appreciation, Dave named his new conference room after him. Now, future attendees will train in that confeence room.

Remember, it's important to recognize and reward long-term team members. You can never have too many loyal workers within your company. You may not be able to name a room after each veteran team member, but there are other ways you can reward their loyalty.

Ways to reward team members:

  • Give them a trip or vacation.
  • Award them their own designated parking spot.
  • Have a party and make them the guest of honor.
  • Create a plaque for them, and put it on your wall of fame.
  • Purchase a memorable, nice decoration for their office.

Regardless of the method you use, it's always a nice gesture to reward your long-term team members. They will appreciate your grateful attitude; plus, it will serve as an incentive to your newer workers.

Learn more about rewarding your team members and creating a thriving work environment at Dave Ramsey's EntreLeadership events.

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