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Personal Development

5 Reasons the Smart Conference Is for You

2 Minute Read

It’s time to take back the most important areas of your life! At Dave Ramsey's Smart Conference, you'll hear from Dave himself as well as trusted experts on money, marriage, parenting, and personal development, including Dr. Les Parrott, Dr. Meg Meeker, Dr. Henry Cloud, and more. These are Dave's personal friends—the people he goes to for advice.

We love hearing how our Smart Conference attendees got even more than they expected from Dave’s biggest event! Here’s why they say you should go:

1. You’ll feel alive.

“If you're looking for an event that will breathe life back into your spirit, this is it!” – Ashauna, Houston, TX

“You will leave this event absolutely changed!” – Dana, Atlanta, GA

2. You’ll be entertained.

“Serious topics covered with great humor. I laughed all day!” – Valarie, Houston, TX

“The combination of speakers was perfect.” – Mindy, Birmingham, AL

3. You’ll be investing in yourself.

“It was incredible to hear from all of these speakers in one day. I feel like seeing any one of them would have been worth the price, let alone all of them!” - Naomi, Los Angeles, CA

“So much valuable information in a one-day event—totally worth every dime and then some. Highly, highly recommend!” – Patricia, Houston, TX

4. You’ll leave smarter.

“Attending Smart Conference is the smartest thing I have done in a long time.” – Bill, Seabrook, TX

5. You’ll become more connected.

“My husband and I came home with a new-found purpose and drive to make our lives better for us and for our children. The conference was a game changer!” – Donna, Houston, TX

“I’m planning a wedding in a year, and my fiancé and I found all of this information super beneficial to our relationship and future marriage.” – Bruce, Houston, TX

So what are you waiting for? Don't miss this one-day event that will impact every aspect of your life. Reserve your seats at Smart Conference today! The next events are on April 22 in San Antonio, and April 29 in Phoenix. Use promotional code DRBLOG at registration and save $10 on any Smart Conference seat available!