The New Rich

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A new survey finds that 20% of adults in the United States reach affluence for part of their lives.

The survey data, compiled by Washington University in St. Louis, calls this group the “new rich.” The study finds that the group consists mainly of older professionals, working married couples and educated singles. They all have household incomes of $250,000 or more at some point in their lives.


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If becoming wealthy is so complicated and it’s only an option for a privileged few, then why are 20% of Americans on track to be wealthy? That’s roughly 60 million people we’re talking about. That many “accidents” don’t happen, and it’s too big a number to blame on some system that keeps the rich rich and the poor poor.

Washington pharmacist James Lott said it best : “In this country, you don’t get anywhere without working hard.”

Considering he is the son of Nigerian immigrants and was raised by a single mother who broke out of hardship by starting a daycare business in their home, he’s got room to talk—and we heartily agree.

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