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Raising Money-Smart Kids

What can you teach kids about moneyPlenty.

Some kids go their entire childhood with no clue about how money works. Why? Probably because their parents feel weird talking about it. One T. Rowe Price study found 66% of parents are reluctant to even talk to their kids about money.(1) That just sets them up for the potential to make big money mistakes when they’re adults.

It’s like Dave says, "If you don’t teach your kids to handle money, they will grow up and move into your basement." Ouch.

So what’s a parent to do? When it comes to raising money-smart kids, you don’t have to cover all the ins and outs of an investment portfolio or proper mortgage purchasing practices—just start with the basics, like letting them know food and clothes are paid for with money. And make sure they know there’s a right way and a wrong way to handle money too.

Teach Your Kids About Money Today

It can be tricky to navigate even the simplest of money conversations with your kids. That’s why we put together our Adventure Pack for kids ages 3–12!

Video lessons

Your child can win in life and money. Check out our online courses!

At the core of our Adventure Pack for kids, you’ll find three familiar Ramsey values: Spending with purpose, saving with intention, and giving cheerfully. It’s a great way to start teaching children about money at their own, age appropriate level.

Of course, your 6-year-old isn’t thinking about the woes of student loan debt yet, but what your child learns today can stick with them for the rest of their life. You’re teaching money habits now whether you realize it or not. Make them count!

What’s in the Adventure Pack?

Financial Peace Junior

Financial Peace Junior was designed to help your children develop healthy money habits—while having fun. In it, you’ll find all the tools you need to teach your kids about money. The included chore chart is a great way to show your kids how money is earned through work. They’ll be able to visualize the dollar amount that each chore will bring in.

So, let’s say your 8-year-old really wants the newest toy on the market (that will get lost in about half a day), and they need $10 to buy it. Your child can look at their chore chart and see how many times they need to take out the trash, feed the dog, and load the dishwasher to earn those big bucks.

"Our 9-year-old got this for Christmas and was so excited. She saved up to buy herself a toy and offered to do extra chores to earn the money even faster. Each week she updated her totals, and she reached her goal three months earlier than originally planned." — Rhonda

Don’t forget to use the spend, save and give envelopes included to help your child organize all those earnings!


Junior’s Adventures: Storytime Book Set

In these beautifully illustrated stories, your kids can learn the importance of staying away from debt, saving money, and giving with a cheerful heart—all from the viewpoint of our loveable character, Junior. This six-book set follows Junior as he learns about work, integrity, spending, giving, saving and debt—all while having adventures along the way. Check out this free excerpt from one of the books in the set, Battle of the Chores!


Junior’s Smart Saver Bank

It’s time to retire that old piggy bank! With the Smart Saver Bank, your kids can watch their money grow in the giving, saving and spending categories. The transparent design of the bank lets them to see the progress they’re making along the way!

So the next time they finish up their chores or get a birthday gift, talk to them about what they want to do with their money. Then have them sort it in the bank! As your kids grow, they can begin learning about saving up for all those awesome toys they want. And they can even start setting aside a little bit of their chore money to do something nice for others. It’s never too early to instill generosity in your kids!


Give Your Child a Gift That Will Impact Them for Years

Of course, we know your kids probably just want toys for Christmas. And with everything from animals that hatch in their hands to remote-controlled race cars, who could really blame them? But don’t forget to throw in something practical this Christmas season—you know, besides the socks. Take advantage of our sale on gifts for kids in the store, happening right now! Teach your children how to become money-smart kids so that later they’ll grow into money-smart adults!

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