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Relationships & Money

One Thing You Need to Raise Money-Smart Kids

2 Minute Read

We believe our Smart Money Smart Kids class is one of the most important classes we’ve ever offered parents. Because of that, we want you to get a small sample of what this amazing class can offer you.

You can try out a Smart Money Smart Kids membership for free today! By signing up, you’ll receive seven days of access to the first two videos from lesson one. Those include “Principle Teaching: Work” and “Key Character Quality: Responsibility.”

Choose the best way to experience the class. You can take it with other parents in a small group or study on your own at home. Either option will give you access to everything you need to teach your kids about money. This includes:

  • The Smart Money Smart Kids workbook
  • The book that started it all: Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruze’s #1 New York Times best seller Smart Money Smart Kids
  • And a “More is caught than taught” vinyl decal

Your membership lasts six months from the date you activate your account. That gives you an opportunity to learn more even after the completion of the class. Here are some of the ways we present the information:

Principle Teaching Lesson Videos 
Through these videos, learn the six principles for raising money-smart kids from Rachel Cruze and Dave Ramsey. 

Key Character Quality Videos 
Each lesson features a corresponding character quality to help you raise your child to be money-smart while learning other important life skills along the way. 

Deep Dive Videos 
Rachel and Dave give practical, age-specific applications for three age groups (3–5, 6–13, and 14–college). 

“A Mom’s Perspective” Videos 
Join Sharon Ramsey as she shares stories from a mom’s perspective. 

Age-Appropriate Activities 
Enjoy applying the principles you’ve learned by doing these activities with your kids! They are fun, easy to implement, and specific to each age group. 

Connect With Other Parents 
Talk to other parents in our commenting section on the lessons, videos and activities, and share ideas, successes and challenges in raising money-smart kids. 

The Smart Money Smart Kids class has the power to change how both you and your kids view money forever. Take advantage of this free trial and jump right into this amazing content!