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Business & Leadership

5 Things Top Women in Business Want You to Know

4 Minute Read

Thanks to easily accessible tools like Etsy, WordPress, Photoshop and more, there has never been a better time to start your own side business. Women all over the country are joining the movement. And here at Ramsey Solutions, we’re all about adding extra income to your family’s budget!

Do you have an idea for a service, product or brand you’ve been dreaming about getting off the ground? Maybe you need more flexibility in your schedule. Maybe you want to pay for soccer camp or take your emergency fund to the next level. Or maybe you just want to tap into your God-given gifts.

Christine Caine, Amy Porterfield, Crystal Paine, Melissa Hinnant, and Chanda Bell are just a few of the driven, successful businesswomen that will be speaking at Christy Wright’s Business Boutique in May. All five of them are making money doing what they love. They all started with a passion that they followed, and now they "do their thing" better than anyone else. Here are five things they want you to know:

1. "Everyone goes through pain and heartache. It’s what you DO with that pain that matters. Don’t waste your pain. Let your pain transform you." —Melissa Hinnant, Founder of Grace & Lace

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Melissa didn’t fully realize she had a knack for fashion design until she was confined to a hospital bed with pregnancy complications. All she could do with her time was knit and crochet, and she grew passionate about creating. Tragically, she ended up losing her baby. But the good that came out of that is her own multimillion-dollar business that allows her to sponsor orphans in India through her profits. She is giving those children hope! Finding yourself at the bottom may be the inspiration you need to rise to the top.

2. "I had to realize the truth: I had a special gift that only I could share. I had to get up and do the work of being true to myself by putting that gift out into the world every single day." —Amy Porterfield, Social Media Strategist

Don’t discount what you bring to the table. You have a unique skill set and perspective. It’s okay to know that what you have to offer has value, so find what you’re good at and do it better than everyone else!

3. "Working together as a team has allowed us to thrive in the area in which we are best suited." —Chanda Bell, Author/Creator of The Elf on the Shelf

Consider including friends and family in your business venture. For sisters Chanda Bell and Christa Pitts, making The Elf on the Shelf an award-winning #1 best seller was a family affair. Maybe you’re the creative mind and your husband is more business savvy. Perhaps you’re a passionate writer and your sister could take photos for your blog. Or you’re the photographer and you have a friend who’s a rock star at web design. Your connections can be powerful resources for your start up!

4. "I am where I am today because of all of the times I failed." —Crystal Paine, Founder of

It’s not a question of if you will experience failure; it’s a matter of when. But Thomas Edison said, "I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that don’t work." Every mistake you make brings you closer to success.

5. "Take calculated risks—but, most importantly, don’t just talk about it. Do something about it!" —Christine Caine, Author, Speaker, Activist

While failure does bring opportunity for success, it’s crucial to have a strategy in place beforehand. Once you have a plan, what are you waiting for? The biggest reason people don’t find success with their business idea is because they never do anything about it! Every triumphant entrepreneur had to take that first step in the direction of making his or her dream a reality.

If you’re passionate about something and want to take it to the next level, Business Boutique will help you put a practical plan into place! Hear from these women and many more incredible speakers in Phoenix, Arizona on May 13-14, or Dallas, Texas on May 20-21.