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Prepare Your Youth Group Kids for the Future

High school students—the kids in your youth group—are graduating without knowing how to balance a checkbook, how to live within their means, or how to save for the future. Why? Because no one is teaching them! You can't graduate without knowing what an amoeba is, but the basic life skill of how to handle money is not required. This is absolutely insane!

Credit card companies aren't just going after college students anymore; high school students are the new target. According to Norma Mendoza, a researcher at the University of Arkansas, several studies found that patterns of compulsive buying start during adolescence. Teens are the perfect vulnerable audience for credit card companies to sink their claws into.

Reality Sets In

This is the reality of many teens in your churches, schools, households and communities:*

  • 31% of students don't worry about their debt
  • 6.9% of high school seniors scored a grade of "C" or higher in a 2005 financial literacy survey
  • 74% of college students owned at least one credit card
  • 19% of young adults admit having their phones, cable, or utilities cut off because they didn't pay their bills
  • 15% of young adults have had their credit revoked

After high school, most teens head to college and are approached with credit card offers the moment they set foot on campus. More and more, the credit card companies are willing to open a line of credit for teens without any credit history or employment. We as pastors, parents and teachers have got to do something about this!

Easy and Effective Ways You Can Help

Dave's new youth group Bible study, Generation Change, is prepared to help you make a difference. The four-part Bible study taught by Dave Ramsey engages teens with relevant and interactive lessons about how to manage their money so they'll actually have more. If you're a parent, ask your pastor or youth group leader to purchase the Bible study and implement it within your child's youth group.

Video lessons

Your child can win in life and money. Check out our online courses!

Learn more about this life-changing study for the teens in your life.

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