How Can You Prepare for the Unexpected?

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Just a couple of months ago, four major tornadoes tore through Oklahoma, causing an estimated $2 billion in damage. More recently, wildfires whipped through Colorado destroying 500 homes.

We’ve all seen news footage and photos of the devastation natural disasters like these can cause. And as we sit on the safe side of our computers or television screens and watch residents of these towns return to their destroyed homes, we wish them well—and pray that our families never face what they must now endure.

For parents who have been through disasters like these, their single most important goal is to return their families to their homes and restore some sense of security for their children.


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In times like these, proper insurance coverage makes all the difference. It means a rebuilt home and a pathway that leads back to “everyday life.”

Winds of Change

But because insurance companies have had to pay out billions of dollars in claims for damages caused by natural disasters, many companies are making changes that could make it more difficult for your family to recover from an incident like this.

These changes include increasing deductibles, capping the amount available to rebuild homes and paying homeowners for the depreciated value of their roofs rather than paying to replace them.

You could even lose your policies altogether. Some companies have stopped renewing coverage for property owners in areas where natural disasters are more common.

What Are Your Options?

Going without home or auto insurance is simply not an option for most of us. Even with a hefty emergency fund, you likely won’t be able to replace your home, its contents and your vehicles without insurance coverage.

Get educated about your coverage. Ask your insurance company to explain exactly what your policies cover so you know what to expect if you ever have to file a claim.

You can also be a smart shopper. Most people automatically renew their insurance policies unless they’re faced with a large premium increase. Check with several companies to find the best rates on polices that will provide the coverage you need.

Schedule a Coverage Consultation

Consulting with an independent insurance agent is a great way to get your questions answered and find coverage that meets your needs. Independent agents work with several companies at once, so they can compare polices and prices for you.

You can find a trustworthy insurance agent with the heart of a teacher through Dave’s nationwide Endorsed Local Provider (ELP) network. Contact your ELP today!

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