Portraits of Normalcy - Part 2

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Have you ever driven past a run-down house with a shiny new Mercedes in the driveway? Do you ever get annoyed by your friend who is always blaming everyone but himself for being broke? Have you ever wondered if your neighbors, who seem to have it all, really have anything?

If you’ve ever thought about these types of things, then welcome to the land of Normalcy.

You see, here in Normalcy, not all things are as they seem. Beneath that thin veil of normalness lies an ugly truth: debt, money mismanagement, family squabbling, bitterness and all types of unhealthy financial behavior. Normalcy is an ugly land filled with plastic cards and plastic people.


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If you’re not convinced that Normalcy is that bad of a place, then let’s introduce you to some of its residents:


The Big Talkers

They talk a big game. In fact, they talk so well that you believed them the first three times they told you about how excited they were to get out of debt. But, the problem is, they’ve been talking about “getting started” for five years now. Every year, their New Year’s resolution is the same thing. And, every year, you can easily smell the fumes from the budget they’ve burned through by Valentine’s Day.


The Ostriches

The Ostriches live life like it’s a Mr. Rogers song: “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor.” La dee da. La dee da. While we know Mr. Rogers had plenty of reasons to be a happy guy, the Ostriches stick their heads in the sand and ignore the financial storm that’s brewing—all while listening to the soundtrack of the life they could have if they would simply step out of the land of denial.


The Blame Gamers

The Blame Gamers might not own a shirt that says, “I’m broke, and it’s not my fault,” but they might as well. This family of ne’er-do-wells puts the l-a-m-e in blame. Take Cousin Joe, for example. He’s 30 years old, living in his parents’ basement, and making minimum wage at a dead-end job. But Cousin Joe is mad at you because you had the nerve to make a plan for your career and your money! And don’t get Cousin Joe started on Uncle Sam. “The little man just can’t get ahead,” he says. Take our advice and get far, far ahead of Cousin Joe in the burger line at next summer’s family reunion.


The Jekyll and Hydes

The only thing consistent about the Jekyll and Hyde family is their inconsistency. In March, they are budget fanatics. In April, they treat the budget like a virus. For some reason, the Jekyll and Hydes’ financial discipline resembles one of those up-and-down, loopety-loop rides at an amusement park—complete with post-ride queasiness. If the Jekyll and Hydes would ever stick to their plan, they could drop the brown bag and Pepto-Bismol and see how much more fun it is to win with money.


The Budget Nazis

You will like budgets! You will like Dave Ramsey! You will like this set of two matching red designer envelope systems I sent you for Christmas! You will! God bless the Budget Nazis. They try hard, really hard—so much so that they beat you over the head with all things Dave Ramsey at every family gathering. After all, who doesn’t just love to talk budgets over a friendly game of cornhole? The Budget Nazis simply don’t understand that no amount of militant prodding will make you want to get out of debt. That’s a realization you have to reach on your own.


It’s time to move from the land of Normalcy into the land of Weird! We do weird well and want you to join us this year. Get started now with Dave's Seven Baby Steps.

Read Part 1 of this series. Stay tuned for the rest of the characters living in the land of Normalcy!

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