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Plug In: Top 9 Pastor Podcasts

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For so many people, Sunday morning is a breath of fresh air, a chance to worship God and learn more about growing in relationship with Him. Then Monday morning hits and all of that wonderful air is sucked right out. Pastors, this goes for you too. You invest so much time in your church that when the new week begins you are exhausted.

To keep you motivated and encouraged, we’ve compiled a list of 9 pastor podcasts, in no particular order, that will help you bounce back. You can listen to their messages at the gym, in the car, on your lunch break or while cleaning up.

Rick Warren

Pastor of Saddleback Church and author of The Purpose Driven Life
Location: Lake Forest, California
Why you should listen: His weekly messages teach theology while remaining simple and relevant. You can also download his Ministry Podcast, recorded for pastors. Listen here.
Interesting Note: Rick founded, a site for church leaders to find valuable resources on ministry, preaching, worship, fellowship, growth, missions and outreach.


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Matt Chandler

Lead Pastor of The Village Church and author of The Explicit Gospel
Location: Dallas, Texas
Why you should listen: His sermons are packed full of scriptural references and encouragement. Listen here.
Interesting Note: Matt’s spent the last three years fighting brain cancer and weaves this new understanding of personal suffering into his messages.

Judah Smith

Lead Pastor of The City Church
Location: Seattle, Washington
Why you should listen: His teachings are honest and straightforward, sharing the story of Christ in order to fulfill his personal mission: to show you who Jesus is. Listen here.
Interesting Note: As a former youth pastor, Judah also knows how to engage his audience with humor and relatable material.

Robert Morris

Senior Pastor of Gateway Church and author of 10 books.
Location: Dallas, Texas
Why you should listen: His sermons are practical and applicable for your daily walk. Listen here.
Interesting Note: Robert and his worship team are broadcast to millions of viewers on The Blessed Life, a weekly TV program that can also be seen online.

Erwin McManus

Pastor of Mosaic Church and author of nine books
Location: Los Angeles, California
Why you should listen: His messages are funny and easy to listen to, allowing him to connect with believers and non-believers alike. Listen here.
Interesting Note: Erwin is especially interested in people of other faiths and hopes to draw them to Christ through sincere relationships and love.

Chuck Swindoll

Senior Pastor of Stonebriar Community Church and author of countless books
Location: Frisco, Texas
Why you should listen: Chuck is a dynamic speaker and his podcasts are regularly ranked in the top 100 religious downloads on iTunes. Listen here.
Interesting Note: A pioneer of sorts, he began broadcasting his weekly sermons on the radio in 1977, long before digital media arrived on the church scene.

Andy Stanley

Senior Pastor of North Point Community Church and author of five books
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Why you should listen: A funny, insightful speaker, his messages will encourage you to see even the most classic Bible stories in a whole new way. Listen here.
Interesting Note: Andy is well-respected for his wisdom on leadership and offers a podcast series for church leaders in addition to his weekly sermons.

Steven Furtick

Lead Pastor of Elevation Church and author of Sun Stand Still
Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
Why you should listen: He believes in asking God for the impossible and making the most of the Christian life. Listen here.
Interesting Note: Steven and his church partnered with the mayor to form The Orange Initiative, committing 100,000 hours and $750,000 to serving the city.

James MacDonald

Pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel and author of 13 books
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Why you should listen: His teachings offer both a solid biblical foundation for new believers and great depth for lifelong Christians. Listen here.
Interesting Note: He podcasts a weekly 30-minute Bible study, Walk in the Word, as well as his weekly sermons.

As pastors and church members, what do you gain from listening to podcasts? Who would you add to our list?

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