Our Kids Helped Us Become Debt-Free

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By Kelly in TX

My husband discovered Dave on talk radio in Houston about three years ago. We have never been in debt up to our eyeballs, but when we found Dave, we realized were spending a little too much. We made plenty of money and didn't want to waste it. So, we read Dave's book The Total Money Makeover and realized we needed to make some changes to our spending habits. We paid off our car—a total of $9,000—in 2006. Then we turned to the house. We always paid extra on the principle and made payments early, but it just didn't seem to be making a dent in the amount.


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We even got our children involved (three boys ages five, three and one). We told them that when we paid off the house, we would take them on a trip to Canada to see snow! When our five-year-old son would ask to go out to eat, and we would tell him that if we went out to eat, then we couldn't pay the house off and would postpone the trip to Canada even longer. He got the idea!

So in October of 2008, after we got a raise, we decided to tackle the house. We just paid it off in July! During that 10-month time frame, we paid off $123,000! WE ARE DEBT-FREE! Consequently, when we came home from the bank after completing the wire transfer to pay it off, our five year old said, "So tomorrow we are going to Canada, right?"

With Dave's help, we have just changed our family tree. We are now working on saving up to pay cash for everything! Thank you, Dave!

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