Our Business is Weathering the Storm

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By Heather in AL

My husband started his own engineering consulting business in May 2005. He was in the first EntreLeadership class and felt prepared to take on the responsibilities of running his own business.


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The first year, business was booming, but for the past 12 months things have slowed down considerably. But, because we have a debt-free business and a fully funded emergency fund, we have been able to weather the storm. Other similar businesses around us are going under or declaring bankruptcy, but we're still making it. We have had to miss a paycheck or two, but our draftsman has always been paid, and we have never missed a rent or utility payment. And because of our emergency fund, our personal finances have not suffered.

Just this week, we have gotten calls about several large jobs, and we were still here to take those calls. Thanks so much Dave, for all you have done for our family and our business!

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