The Number One Budget-Saving Tip for the New Year

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This is it! This the year you finally take charge of your money and get out of debt! Congratulations on your commitment to give it your all to reach your goal!

You’ve probably already pinpointed some of the sacrifices you’ll need to make to become debt-free. But have you also thought about ways to save money without sacrificing?

One of the most effective ways to save money throughout the year is to cut your insurance bill. And it’s much easier than you might think.


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One Simple Step to Big Savings

Once you start checking into ways to save on insurance, you’ll see that one of the top tips is to shop around for the best rates. That’s great advice, but we’ve found that it falls a little short. The best way to get a great deal on insurance is to work with an independent insurance agent who can comparison shop for you.

Erica A. from Logan, UT, said she and her husband searched for years to find cheaper rates on their insurance coverage, but they never found a deal worth switching for.

“But today I contacted an insurance ELP (Endorsed Local Provider), and within a few hours I had a quote for better insurance at a third of the cost!” Erica said.

Erica found her insurance ELP through Dave’s nationwide network of independent insurance professionals. Independent agents aren’t tied to a single insurance company, so they can price and compare coverage from several companies. That’s why they’re able to find such great deals.

Adrian B., from Twin Falls, ID, also worked with an ELP, and had a similar experience. “I have done a lot of shopping myself, and I couldn’t find a deal anywhere near what [my agent] found for me,” she said.

Unexpected Bumps (in Premiums)

In the last few years, many insurance companies have had to pay out millions and sometimes billions of dollars in natural disaster claims. As a result, they’ve had to raise rates, even on property owners like Susan D. from Holiday, FL, who’ve never filed a claim.

“My husband and I had been happy with our previous insurance, but when they raised our rates 20% with no claims, we decided to shop around,” Susan told us.

Imagine what a 20% increase in insurance premiums could do to your plans to become debt-free this year. Don’t let an unexpected bump derail your plans. Susan called an ELP who not only saved her the 20%, but she got a new policy that saved her $440 a year!

Find Extra Money in Your Budget

Digging up savings on your insurance couldn’t be easier. Just get in touch with your insurance ELP, and they’ll take it from there. You can trust your ELP to give you great service and treat you honestly. Find your ELP today!

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