No Ordinary Winner

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Dave always says that if you will live like no one else, then later you get to live like no one else. Pastor Jason Belyeu is finding out just how true that is.

He remembers when he first read Financial Peace and started listening to The Dave Ramsey Show. “My eyes were opened to the problems with debt and credit cards,” he said. Jason instantly took to the message, but it was a little longer before he made the life changes he knew he needed to make.

Three years ago, he took a big step in front of his entire congregation. “I actually cut up my credit card as a part of a sermon on the bondage of debt as a way of kicking off Financial Peace University in my church,” he said. “It was called ‘A Sermon Seven Years in the Making,’ which was about how long it took me from when I first heard Dave’s teaching to when I finally applied it radically in my own life and behaviors.”


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Fast-forward to now, and Jason has applied the wisdom of Scripture to how he manages money in every way. He is completely debt-free and almost to Baby Step 7—Build Wealth and Give—at just 31 years old!

“I got passionate about what Dave is doing, because I love the idea of changing family trees forever,” he said. “I love for couples and families to be united around money issues and not divided by finances, and I love for the people of God to be able to give more for the cause of God as they are debt-free.”

Now Jason is in a position not only to live like never before, but to give like never before.

A Double 10K Giveaway

During Dave’s 2010 Real Estate Rescue, Jason and thousands of other people registered online to enter a drawing for daily giveaways from $1,000 to the Grand Prize of $10,000. “Nothing ventured, nothing gained,” he thought.

A few days later, Jason’s phone rang. “Jason! This is Dave Ramsey calling to tell you you’ve won $10,000!” Dave told him as millions of listeners tuned in. “What are you going to do with the money?”

Dave didn’t see this one coming: “Well, I’m going to give it to our church building program,” Jason replied.

“I have a home, and I’m not hurting,” he said. “Why not use this to build God a house of worship?” It turns out that was why he entered the contest in the first place.

“I know that in the long run this money will go toward better things using it to build a church than with anything I could do to purchase toys for myself—as nice as that iPad would have been,” he laughed. “I’ve done enough short-term mission trips to see that people are much happier living on a lot less—and it doesn’t take many short-term mission trips to discover that, either.” Listen to Dave's call to Jason.

Because he isn’t in debt and financial trouble, he’s not only willing to give, but he’s in a position to bless others freely.

“This is exciting for me!” he said.” I hope and pray that this will ignite a spark of faith in our congregation to believe that God is seeing them through this project they started even before I arrived as their pastor. I’m convinced this whole thing is a God thing.

Hearing Jason’s heart for the debt-free church, Dave invited him and two other leaders from his church to attend the Momentum workshop at our office. There, they will learn to train their entire congregation how to handle God’s money God’s way, so they too can live and give like never before.

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