No Credit Cards! No Payments!

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By Kimberly in KS

We did it! We have paid off $29k in about two years.


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We had been doing a decent job at budgeting, but after attending Financial Peace University (FPU) at our church, we really buckled down. No credit cards! No payments! Cash, or nothing! That's when it all started to work for us.

Now we are debt-free! All that is left to do is pay the mortgage on our home and build up a fully funded emergency fund. It feels so amazing!

The greatest part is sharing it with our six-year-old son. He is a huge fan of Dave Ramsey and is able to spot just about every billboard with his picture on it. Occasionally, he even asks to listen to Dave's CDs that came with our FPU membership. He tells everyone, "God wants us to live debt free," and he has his own spend, save, and Jesus jars to put his money in. He even asked if we could call in to yell, "We're debt-free!" on the air.

Check out Dave's resources for teaching your kids about money.

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