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Need Extra Cash? 7 Fun Ways to Rake It In

If you want to blaze through the Baby Steps, there’s nothing like an extra job—and the extra cash it brings in—to turbo-charge your gazelle intensity. And while extra income is great for blasting your debt snowball, it’s also super handy for building an emergency fund, paying off the mortgage, or beefing up your college fund or retirement nest egg.

We wanted to know what Dave’s Facebook fans do to make extra money, but we only wanted to hear from folks who truly enjoy their side jobs. Because what’s better than earning extra cash by doing something you love? Not much!

We received thousands of responses from people itching to talk about their extra jobs! If you’ve been looking for inspiration for a side job that’s a pleasure instead of a pain, take a look at this list of fun ways to make extra cash.


You might be surprised to learn that plenty of folks will pay you to teach them about something you love doing. All you have to do is get the word out. What are people interested in learning?

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Tunde B. had the most popular response to our post. “I teach concealed handgun classes in Houston,” he told us. Angela A. said she gives private piano and voice lessons and Alicia A. said, “I teach belly dance classes.”

Josh B. offers cello lessons. “I never thought I would like teaching, but now I wish it was my full-time job!” he said.

Rebecca G. is a teacher for her day job, and she tutors special-needs students on the side. “I feel like I really make a difference and make an extra $120 a week!” She’s a month away from paying off her car and being debt-free!


If there’s anything people will pay for, it’s food! You could do specialty items like Caitlin T., who makes custom cakes. “I started making cakes for friends and family for free,” she said in her post. “Now I sell $5,000 to $6,000 in cakes each month!"

Michele S. and her husband make barbeque rubs and sauces to sell at farmers’ markets. “Now we have our first [commercial] account!” she said.

But you don’t need special skills or a secret recipe. Mattie W. just started a meal preparation business. She buys the groceries and prepares meals for busy families who want a home-cooked dinner but don’t have the time to put it all together. A recent 10-meal order netted $75 for three hours of work.


People love their pets, but there are some aspects of their care many pet owners are willing to hire out. Carol S. has a friend who owns a poop-scooping business. That’s right—she removes dog poop from people’s yards so the pups’ owners don’t have to. “I covered her poop-scooping business for a month while she went to visit her aging mother,” Carol said. “Made enough money to buy a door and window for a remodel I’m doing.”

Of course, there are cleaner jobs for pet lovers. Debby M. is a child care center director by day, and she bathes dogs at her friend’s grooming shop on the weekends. “I love bathing the dogs, and I get two perks: extra cash and my five dogs groomed for free!” she said.

Lin H., a former accountant, now pet-sits for a living. “Left my accounting job to do something I enjoy, and I make more [money] doing it,” Lin said.

Embrace a Passion

Do you have a beautiful home and love entertaining? Open a bed-and-breakfast like Luann M. “It’s a good extra income, and we serve guests from all over the world,” she said.

Love gardening? Jamie W. opened his own you-pick-it pumpkin patch two years ago. “It keeps us active and creative and helped me spend my ‘work’ money to pay off my car early,” Jamie told us.

How about music? “I sing in two professional choruses,” Darcy M. said. “I love it, and I love the extra bit of income it produces.”

Sports enthusiasts can get in on the action too. Eric K. and Brian E. serve as referees at soccer, basketball, softball and baseball games. “I love it, it keeps me in great shape, and it puts an extra [$1,000] per month in the budget,” Brian said.

Help Others

A successful business will meet an unmet need, and you can find plenty of needs to meet in the senior community.

Amanda B., a stay-at-home mom, recently landed a job calling seniors who live alone—just to chat. “I brighten a lot of days and I love doing it!” she said.

“I drive seniors to all kinds of appointments and to get their groceries,” Lynn S. said. “It’s been great as an extra money maker.”

Cash In On a Skill

Cheryl T. designs business cards, flyers, address labels and other items and sells the designs online. “I make about $100 extra a week,” she said.

Brian V. buys or accepts donated broken-down lawnmowers. “[I] fix them and then sell them,” he said. He plans to move up to motorcycles soon.

Julia D., an elementary teacher, sells her lesson plans online. “If I’m already making it for my own classroom, it just takes a few extra steps to publish it,” she said.

“I am a [Registered Nurse] so I got an extra job doing flu clinics,” Elizabeth P. told us.

Saving Money Is as Good as Making Money

Extra money is a blessing to your budget whether you earned it or saved it through smart shopping or by cutting back on luxuries.

Theresa D. said she looks for bargains for everything her family buys. The goal: “Living on less than our means,” she said.

Carol B. is cutting back in several areas so she can save more for retirement. “I let my housekeeper go,” she said. “I am also doing my own manicures and pedicures. Next is learning to groom the pup.” Carol says all that should add up to about $300 a month.

One Last Simple Way to Save Hundreds That Anyone Can Do

These seven ideas can help you rake in extra cash. But there is another simple suggestion that could help you save hundreds of dollars without sacrificing much time or your occasional indulgences: smart insurance shopping.

Dave’s Endorsed Local Provider Program offers insurance agents in your area that can shop the best rates for homeowner’s, auto, disability, health insurance and more. You can also save by having Zander shop your best life insurance rates. Remember, Insurance isn’t part of the baby steps, it’s part of your defensive game plan, so make sure you have the right coverage and aren’t overpaying!

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Get a FREE Customized Plan for Your Money! 

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Get a FREE Customized Plan for Your Money! 

Answer a few questions, and we'll create a plan tailored just for you. It only takes three minutes!
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