January Must-Dos for Nerds and Free Spirits

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The top resolutions each year—besides the inevitable shedding of a few pounds—revolve around relationships and money. Why not start 2013 off right and tackle both?

Make serious headway by tailoring your actions to your personality. After all, as Dave teaches in Financial Peace University (FPU), you’re either a Nerd (I love the budget!) or a Free Spirit (Budget? Too restrictive!). The way you interact with money and with others is somewhat preprogrammed, but don’t let that stop you from improving your finances this year!


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To get started, determine if you’re a Nerd or Free Spirit then commit to doing these things throughout January.

By following these ideas, you’ll be cruising in the right direction come February. It’s a good thing too. What better way to set yourself up for Valentine’s Day than to be on the same page with your sweetie when it comes to money?

Of course, this is just the beginning. To meet other Nerds and Free Spirits, and to learn practical tips for managing money, check out Financial Peace University—a nine-week program that’ll lead you to living like never before!

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