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Ridiculous Money-Saving Tricks That Will Make You Laugh

3 Minute Read

You’re working your debt snowball or saving for your emergency fund. Maybe you are putting in hours at a second job or eating leftovers for date night instead of heading out to a restaurant. Even though it’s a challenging time for you and your family, why not try to find some humor in the situation?

If you haven’t had a funny “you know you’re on a budget” moment, you will soon. In the meantime, check out some of the funniest ways to tell you’re on a budget, courtesy of Dave’s Facebook fans.

Leslie: You use a free hamburger coupon from McDonald’s and then go home to put your own piece of cheese on it!

Jondelyn: You search the Internet for recipes that use ingredients you have in your pantry.

Kirsten: School supplies become birthday presents.

Stephen: You’re reading this in your father-in-law’s driveway because you have to use his Wi-Fi.

Chris: You consider sleeping on a grocery purchase to avoid buyer’s remorse.

Michele: You can’t wait to get the next billing statement to see how much the balance drops.

Jeff: You lay the supermarket ads on the table and strategize like you’re invading Normandy.

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Micki: You get one leg waxed at a time.

Natalie: You ask yourself, “How many shifts will I have to work to pay for this?”

Ashlee: Your 5-year-old asks, “What is a mall?”

Russell: Someone asks if you want to watch Free Willy and the first thing you think is “free?!”

Donna: You have more coupons than dollar bills in your purse.

Meg: You and your spouse go to the greeting card section in the grocery store on your anniversary. You pick one to read to each other, then put them back on the rack!

Lori: You read this entire list to find other ways to save money!

A spending plan may give you weird habits, but it also gives you a big reason to smile—it’s your first step toward getting out of debt. And who knows? You may have a laugh or two along the way.

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Jump-Start Your Journey!

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Jump-Start Your Journey!

Pay off debt. Save your money. Get started with our free 4-Day Jump Start.