Mission Statements From Facebook Fans

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We believe mission statements are a key component of success. In light of the new year, we asked Dave’s Facebook fans to give us their mission statements in 50 words or less. Here’s a little of what they had to say.

To use my heart to guide my dreams, my mind to pursue knowledge, my determination to achieve personal and professional successes and my faith to provide strength in all things. To enjoy every moment along this journey by filling it with family, friends, laughter and love. –Dana


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My life mission statement is: "To devote my life to God, my family, and helping others." This year's mission statement is: "I will serve the Lord and set a good example for others by being kind and generous to all, being more mindful of my actions, and living simply." –Leah

ICAN: Improvement – Constant And Never-Ending.
To God – Always do what is right and honorable.
To Relationships – Always present my best self, even in times of challenge.
To Community – Contribute physically and financially throughout the year.
To Business – Give customers the services they pay for.

First and foremost: Seek the face of God. And when I do this, I can and will be consistent and taking charge of my life, finances, and all that the good Lord has given me to take care of while I am here. –Daniel

To have a career in which I can provide well for my family, allow my sons (or daughters) to serve missions if they choose, and spend the time necessary to enable my family to grow together. –Michael

To be a better person each day of my life, to be kind and forgiving, to be generous and loving, to be the best mother and wife I can be. –Carrie

To keep giving love when no one wants it, to share with those who do not ask for it and to forgive myself when I know God has, because I do want it and I ask for it. –Amy

What is your personal mission statement?

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