Meet the EntreLeadership Podcast's New Host

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Meet the EntreLeadership Podcast’s New Host

Last month, Dave introduced our EntreLeadership Podcast listeners to the show’s new host, Chris Hogan. We would like to do the same for our newsletter readers by sharing a bit more information about one of our favorite team members.

Aside from his wife and family, Chris Hogan has one passion: helping others succeed. And since his days as captain of a national championship football team, he’s done just that. Now, he’s broadening his reach even more as the new host of the EntreLeadership Podcast, which has been downloaded more than 2 million times on iTunes. It’s a job he’s extremely excited about.

“I want to be a source of encouragement to people, whether they’re just starting out, thinking about business, or they’re right in the middle of having their company not quite where they want it to be,” Chris says. “Improvement is always just a choice away.”


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Another person who is equally excited about Chris’ new hosting gig is Dave, who likes to kid him about his deep, James Earl Jones-like voice. “It’s awesome to have him,” Dave says. “He’s going to be an excellent new host. This guy is incredible. He obviously has a voice that you can enjoy, but he is also a wealth of information. And he has a heart that cares deeply about people.”

Hosting the podcast as well as leading small-business owners at EntreLeadership Performance Series may not have seemed a likely choice for Chris. He was terrified the first time he spoke at church as a child. But he was intrigued enough to do more. By college, Chris realized he also loved to motivate and connect with everyone around him. After school, he used those talents while working in the banking industry, but he soon found himself more of a counselor than a banker.

“I realized I was on the wrong side of the desk,” Chris says. “I wanted to spend time educating people, helping them make smart decisions for themselves.”

Soon after, Chris won a chance to visit Dave at his studio through a charity auction. The two hit it off right away. Within a week, Chris was talking to Dave about joining the team. That was nearly eight years ego, and Chris remains an incredibly important part of Dave’s company.

While working with Dave, Chris has spent his time offering financial counseling and business and leadership advice to thousands across the country. He’s also acted as a financial crisis counselor to celebrities, musicians and athletes. His love for the job has never wavered. And luckily for EntreLeadership listeners, he brings that enthusiasm as he interviews some of this country’s top business and leadership experts and teaches important lessons every business owner needs to know.

“I want to help our listeners become successful,” he says. “One of the best compliments I could ever receive is for someone to say, ‘Chris helped me,’ or ‘He cared.’ Besides that, my boys think my job is pretty cool.”

We do too Chris. Cool. Really cool. Welcome to the show.

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